Yes. We have locksmiths available 24 hours a day seven days a week for emergency mobile locksmith services. If you have lost/stolen car keys or if you’ve locked your keys in your car, locked yourself out of your home or office and need a prompt and reliable mobile locksmith give us a call on 03 5222 1557 or 0417 347 701

Yes we do. Our Oz Wide locksmiths will cut and programme transponders onsite with our mobile locksmith service.

A transponder key is built-in immobiliser system introduced to all cars manufactured since 1995. An automotive transponder key involves placing a microchip that is a miniature transmitter and receiver in the head of the key. This sends a signal from the transponder key to a system in the engine compartment that will recognise the signals. If the correct signals are not detected, the engine will not start.

A, restricted keying system is a key that cannot be copied without your authorisation or approval. It gives additional security and is ideal for residential, commercial or industrial use.

Restricted master key systems are also available at Oz Wide Locksmiths and Security, as installed by our locksmiths. This is a system that can be tailored so that entry is permitted in certain areas but the key will not operate locks in un-authorised sections. The restricted master key can also not be copied without authorisation.