Our key services

Lost / Stolen Car Keys

In the event of your Car Keys being lost or stolen contrary to popular belief, there is no need to have your car towed to a dealer.

Nor is there any need to wait for 4 weeks for a key to arrive from overseas. Unlike some other Car Locksmiths, we also have no need to wait for key codes from dealers. We have a different specialised tool for every car make and model on Australian roads and the skills to use them which gives us the ability, once on site to supply a working remote key usually within an hour.

We understand that losing your car keys can be a stressful event and quite often can happen at an inopportune time. Therefore, we endeavour to make the process as simple as possible. Once you have called our Car Locksmith, they will communicate clearly an agreed price based on the cars location, year of manufacture, model and whether or not it is a turn to start key or a proximity key. They will then give you an accurate estimated time of arrival. They will also call you on approach and we never leave a valued customer stranded, so rest assured once you have made a booking you are in good hands.

The team at Ozwide Locksmiths have all the latest tools, training and expertise to be able to come to your location, normally on the same day and make a key to your car onsite to get you back on the road again. This also includes cars with push to start/ proximity keys. All Car Keys, Car Remotes and Proximity keys come with a 5-year warranty.

In the event that your Car Keys have been stolen, in addition to programming a new remote key or proximity key to your car we also have the ability to delete the stolen Car Key from the cars computer rendering the stolen key inoperable.

If you require emergency assistance, we encourage you to call us as all calls are answered and missed calls returned usually within 5 minutes. As opposed to the “ get a free quote “ form on the website which is only monitored and replied to every 24 to 48 hours.

At Ozwide Locksmiths we pride ourselves on skilled tradesmanship, friendly attitude, great service, prompt response time and competitive pricing. This is backed up by over 200 happy and satisfied customers leaving us a 5 star google review.

Spare Car Keys

If you have ever lost all your Car Keys, you will understand the inconvenience and costs involved in getting a Car Key Replacement done.

Some of the other costs our valued customers have had to endure are lost wages, missing plane flights or having to book accommodation for the night if no Car Locksmiths are available in a remote location. It’s also a great way to ruin a family holiday if you lose your only Car Key.

It also seems common practice these days when a Car is purchased second hand it only comes with 1 key. Many of our valued customers have regretted not getting a spare Car Key made while they still had a working Car Key.

We would encourage you to call our Automotive Locksmiths at Ozwide Locksmiths for a free quote, they can then come to your home, work or wherever you are and provide a spare key usually same day.

Getting a spare car key also provides you with peace of mind, knowing that if you do lose one of your Car Key’s you will not be stranded, inconvenienced and financially out of pocket a lot more than what a spare Car Key would have cost.

There are 3 main options when getting a spare Car Key made, the most cost effective is just a non-remote key that has a transponder programmed to start your car and open the door manually with the key blade.

The 2nd option is a remote key that will unlock the vehicle via remote and start the car. This is a good option when 2 or more people share the same vehicle.

The 3rd option is the push start/ proximity keys, these keys are programmed to start the vehicle and have an override blade that will open the car door in the event of the battery going flat in the proximity key.

It’s also important to note that the cost to supply cut and program proximity keys to some cars when all proximity keys are lost can range up to $3000 or more.

As opposed to maybe a $300 spare proximity key for example. Some of the more common makes of Car that we provide spare proximity keys to are Mercedes, Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, BMW, Landrover, and Honda.

Locked Keys In Car ?

If you have locked your keys in your Car or boot, Ozwide Locksmiths is only a phone call away.

We have specialist opening tools for each model of car in Australia and most importantly our trained staff know how to use them.

We can surreptitiously gain entry to any car without causing any damage to the vehicle. We also specialise in opening European Vehicles like BMW, VW and Audi that a lot of other Car locksmiths don’t. These vehicles are usually what is called deadlocked, meaning the only way to open the car is by using specialised tools to pick the door lock open. Call now to arrange a booking and we will have your car opened promptly.

Proximity / Push -Start Keys

What are they?

If your vehicle has a Start Stop button your Car is fitted with a proximity system. We can supply and program a wide range of these proximity keys to suit your car. We can offer genuine and non-genuine proximity remotes for most makes of cars in Australia.

A common myth is that only Car dealers can supply and program proximity remotes to vehicles. This is simply not true. Using the most up to date tools and software we are able to make a spare proximity key to your vehicle. We also can program a new proximity remote if you have lost your only remote. If you lose your emergency key in your proximity remote we can also replace them as well. Sometimes the shell of the key has worn out or become cracked, the shells and batteries can also be replaced.

Car Ignition, Door Locks & Ignition Switches

Key not turning in your car ignition or door lock?

One of our highly skilled Car Locksmiths can attend to your location and make an assessment of what is wrong.

With car ignition and door locks, there are several factors to consider in determining the actual problem, and this is nearly impossible to accurately assess over the phone or by sending pictures.

Sometimes the Car Key may be worn to the point that it longer will turn the ignition or door lock. In this case, we can supply cut and program a new car key to your vehicle onsite.

Other times the actual barrel and wafers inside have worn out to the point it no longer holds the key in the correct place enabling the cylinder to turn. In this instance, we would replace the lock and recode it to match the existing key.

Another common occurrence is the key will turn in the ignition all the way or just slightly. But the car will still not start. This can be a sign that the actual ignition switch on the back of the ignition cylinder has broken. This is common on Volkswagon, Holdens, Ford Falcon and Ford Territory. We keep a large range of switches in stock, so most times we will be able to get you back on the road the same day.

There are also occasions where there has been an attempted theft and the lock, housing and key reader may need to be replaced due to irreparable damage.
By making a booking our Car Locksmith can assess what is needed for the most cost effective solution for your car’s ignition lock, door lock or ignition switch.

Broken Car keys & Remotes

There are a few main ways in which a car key or remote may break.

If the metal part of the key has broken off in the ignition or door lock the blade part of the key will first need to be extracted from the lock. After extraction we can supply cut and program a replacement key for your car. Some of the more common vehicles in which this occurs are Toyota, Mitsubishi and Honda car keys.

Sometimes the plastic housing of the key will break whilst not in the door or ignition lock, which in most cases we would either provide a new shell or supply cut and program a stronger alternative which will avoid having to deal with a broken key in the future. These new styles of keys have taken into account common design flaws and aimed to eliminate them. Particularly the key shell having very little strength and plastic at the head of the key where the plastic joins with the metal blade.
Our replacement options come with a 5-year guarantee.

The other common way a Car Key or remote will brake is that the transponder part of the key has been damaged or corrupted. Each car has its own unique transponder that when programmed correctly will allow the car to start. The symptoms will typically be that you can turn the key in the ignition, but the car will not start. In this case we would supply, cut and program a replacement key to your car onsite.

Locked out of your home or work?

It is bound to happen to everyone once in their lifetime, but no need to stress Oz Wide Locksmiths are only a phone call away.
The Director of Ozwide Locksmiths – Johnny McCarter has been picking open locks since he was 11 years old. Having been trained by his Father John McCarter who is also a Locksmith and previous owner of Ozwide Locksmiths. Johnny still enjoys the challenge of surreptitiously opening domestic and commercial locks and has all the latest tools and training to gain entry to your home or work quickly and without damage to the lock or door. Call us for an accurate estimated time of arrival and price.

Restricted Master Key Systems

What is a restricted master key system?

A restricted master key system is a unique system installed in residential, commercial or industrial sites. Legally only the authorized signatories on the system are able to obtain keys. So, access to creating keys on the system is restricted to only those that have been approved.

There are many advantages and applications where a restricted master key system can be put to use. Basically, any home or business that does not want to have tenants or employees to be able to go and get a spare key cut. This is beneficial to small businesses that have a high turnover of staff. It also works well for motels, bed and breakfasts, and large-scale commercial sites.

Another feature of a restricted master key system being installed in a larger commercial or industrial site is that you can control and delegate which keys operate in certain areas. For example, at a school, you could designate that the cleaner’s key only opens a storage cupboard and a padlock on a front gate. A teacher’s key could access all classrooms and a padlock on a front gate. Then you could also have a master key that could open any lock in the entire complex.

Ozwide Locksmiths in Geelong is the sole supplier of the new Security Edge master key system. Incorporating a breakthrough design that is pick proof and bump proof. Its flexibility and compatibility make it the #1 choice for an optimal keying system to protect residental, commercial, and industrial sites.

Call us for a free quote or to ask any questions about how this system could protect your home or work.

Residential & Commercial Locksmithing

Ozwide Locksmiths have been servicing the residents of Geelong and surrounding areas for 53 years and counting.

During this time we have gained great rapport with many loyal customers. In our time providing residential and commercial locksmithing there is not many situations that we have not seen.

Our Residential and Commercial Locksmithing services include

  • Installing new locks
  • Gaining entry to your home or work if you get locked out
  • Replacing old locks
  • Changing the combination on all locks, when keys have been stolen or if you have just moved in and you want the peace of mind knowing no one else has keys to your home or business
  • Keying alike all locks to the 1 key, instead of having multiple keys for multiple doors.
  • We only use locksmith quality locks and they all come with a 5 -year guarantee.

If you are in need of any of these services don’t hesitate just give us a call and we can give you a quote.

Car Key Models

The team at Ozwide Locksmiths have all the latest tools, training and expertise to be able to come to your location, normally on the same day and make a key to your car onsite to get you back on the road again. This also includes cars with push to start/ proximity keys.
All Car Keys, Car Remotes and Proximity keys come with a 5-year warranty.